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About Me
Welcome to my site where you will find some of the creations of my thirty (30) year STAINED GLASS HOBBY and real life experiences. Thank you for your visit and enjoy your stay.

 My Hobbies include 30 years of Stained Glass, 22 years with computers and lots of fishing. A Fishing page for some actual fishing experiences will be added for your enjoyment.

A computer is a big help for the stained glass hobby. To make templates for each piece of glass to be cut a picture is first taken of the magazine layout. Using the digital camera and computer print out several on file folder material. One for assembly and the rest to cut out a template for each piece.  The slower less accurate method of carbon copies may also be used.
Make certain you have enough glass of a color to finish the project. Matching colors can be a real problem.

This Green Dream Lamp design is from a book of lamps available at glass supply stores. It is important that a jig is made to assemble the panels to insure all are the same for proper lamp assembly.