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About Me

Welcome to my site where you will find some of the creations of my thirty (30) year STAINED GLASS HOBBY and real life experiences. Thank you for your visit and enjoy your stay.

My Hobbies include 30 years of Stained Glass, 22 years with computers and lots of fishing. A Fishing page for some actual fishing experiences will be added for your enjoyment. I must not forget Archery that Ann and I enjoyed for many years.

A computer is a big help for the stained glass hobby. To make templates for each piece of glass to be cut a picture is first taken of the magazine layout. Using the digital camera and computer print out several on file folder material. One for assembly and the rest to cut out a template for each piece. The slower less accurate method of carbon copies may also be used.
Make certain you have enough glass of a color to finish the project. Matching colors can be a real problem.

This Green Dream Lamp design is from a book of lamps available at glass supply stores. It is important that a jig is made to assemble the panels to insure all are the same for proper lamp assembly.

One of the things I enjoy the most is my volunteering at Community Medical Center Emergency Room since November 1987. My wife's cousin Jan Rocco was in charge of the Department and suggested that I volunteer. Later without advising her of joining I was escorted to Jan's office by Barbara Fullmer, Director of the Volunteer Dept. at the time. When Jan looked up and saw me in a volunteer jacket she exclamed, "You did it!"
Ed Brown volunteer, no longer with us, introduced me to the operation and duties. Ed had over 17,000 hours service while a volunteer. I go in every Thursday from 7:00AM to 12 Noon and have a regular routine I go through to clean up and straighten out whatever. I enjoy personal contact with patients especially children. I keep a supply of stickers all children love and blow up rubber gloves, mark a smiling face on them and tie fingers for curly hair and they love them. I take pride in being able to stop children from crying. When my work is caught up I offer visitors coffee and cookies. Some have been there for hours and appreciate the attention. Patients breakfasts are delivered about 7:30 and these have to be taken to patients for whom ordered. Occasionally a patient is unable to feed themselves and I then help them eat.
Trish Passuth, present Director and Gladys Gaze assistant Director are running a fine volunteer program. Come and join. There are many different areas to volunteer your help. Go to my favorite links page.