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While working at Chase Aircraft in Trenton, NJ, where I was Chief Loftsman, I got interested in Archery with Al Schrader, one of the loftsmen. Al was a photographer and incidentally was on the scene when the Hindenburg Zeppelin crashed and burned at Lakehurst, NJ.
Several of the Chase employees and I along with some others started an Archery Club and named it "Buckland Valley Archers". As President of the club and fortunate to have many dedicated workers I steered the members to build an archery range in the woody hills of Bucks County on the grounds of Buckland Valley Farms. We had a 28 target range from about 10 to 80 yards long at cardboard animal targets. Jack Sneddon, Brud Hutchinson, Al Strathy and a few others were excellent shots with the bow. I was average and enjoyed the sport.
Out of memory and respect I will try to list as many names that I remember that were members.
Jack Sneddon, Brud Hutchinson, Al Schrader, Al Strathy, Ed Turner, Georgie Strathy, Ken Smith, Rual Principe, Clyde Stothard, Pete and Dot Sabatini, Ed Turner, Ed and Bill Dwyer, Harlan Booker, Ken Keefer, Tom Tilton and his son Tommy, DiBenidetto, Horton Getz and wife, Bill Hurst, Jack Devenny, Bob Woodcock and many more.
Any who read this and remember more names, please use my contact me page.
During my hunting with Bow and Arrow I was fortunate to bring home eight Deer. The one Fox I bagged I had mounted for my store. I will never forget the huge Buck that came in range, and I had a Veneko fiber glass recurve bow that I sold in my store and as I moved the bow to position for a shot it hit a stump with a whack and the buck stopped and looked right at my location where I was behind an evergreen. I leaned out and let fly and I am certain I hit him but he turned and ran back to my right and stopped and looked in my direction again. Again I leaned out and let fly. This time I am certain of a good hit, but he took off again. I trailed that buck for hours and finally lost him. The next day a farmer told me he saw a big buck staggering in his field and I later learned a customer of mine got a big dear that was there for the taking. I was happy someone got that trophy buck. That was the only one I hit that I could not find.
My son Raymond was NJ State Jr. Champion one year. I must not forget that accomplishment. My wife Ann loved archery and the competition every week on the many clubs field courses.
Eight of the archery persons in NJ were called to help set up the requirements for an Archery License Course to be completed before a license to hunt with a bow was granted. I was proud to serve as one of these to help the Fish and Game Commissions of NJ.
I was a State of NJ Archery Instructor for the course hunters had to complete before an Archery License could be purchased and I was not an easy touch.
It was my job as Associate Field Governor for the State of New Jersey to inspect archery courses that applied for approval to join the National Field Archery Association. It was fun and I checked several that applied.
I sold Damon Howatt Bows in my store and I represented Damon Howatt in NJ, Pa., Ohio, Delaware and Md. I set up protected areas for dealers in those states. Damon was a most trusted individual and a great man to do business with. Damon was killed in an accident with his camper and it was a great loss to the archery world as well his personal friends. May his soul rest in peace.
Our Howatt bows from the 6o's. On top is Ann's 30# Ventura and below is my 38# Del Rey. I also have the padded Howatt bow cases for both. Beautiful workmanship of Damon Howatt.