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Archery 2
My wife Ann shown here at full draw in perfect form ready to release at a target. The bow was a Hoyt 62" recurve and a sweet shooting bow. The arrows made in our store, Alray Archery in Ewingville, NJ were Easton Aluminum 26" long. Notice the concentration on the target. This type of archery is Instinctive as opposed to Free Style, using bow sights and other mechanical means to line up a target.

Ann loved that Hoyt bow but agreed to sell it to one our club embers who was on her way to great things in field archery. I do not remember her name however I know she went on to win many tournaments with that Hoyt bow.
There were several Archery Clubs in our area that sponsored Archery Field Competitions so that every Sunday there was a shoot to go to and enjoy.
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