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Our Family
My Paternal Grand Parents Guiseppe Farace and Rosa Tuccio both born in Messina, Sicily migrated to the United States in 1890.

My father, Nicholas Thomas Farace and my mother Florence May Williams.

Mother's sister Aunt Fannie and Uncle Chris Gillin

We were blessed with two wonderful children, L to R our daughter Jeanne Lee, Me, my wife Ann and our son Raymond


This next is L to R Ann's brother Bob, her sister Jean, their mother Josephine, Ann and Ann's brother Jim. Mirror shows family members taking pictures. Ann's mom is Great, Great Grandmom to five. She is presently 105 years old. In this picture she is about 98

Our son's family in Richmond, VA. L to R Tony, Sarah, his mom, Dana his Dad, Lucy and Densil married, Tim, Nancy's husband and my son Ray. The three gals in front of them are Katy, Tony's sister, Penny, Ray's wife and Nancy, Tim's wife. The two children, Jill and Adam belong to Nancy and Tim. Since this picture was taken Lucy and Densil have a beautiful daughter and a second child on the way. Entered 5/4/2003