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Family Lamps
This Calla Lilly Lamp you see on the left is one of the most beautiful I ever made. It hangs happily in Richmond, Va. in our son's dinning room. It was made from a book of lamp designs, and not having my digital camera at the time, I had to use the carbon copy method to make all templates for the pieces. The form was from a kit for the first lamp I made and one of the few I made with lead came (See below). I find the copper foil and solder method to be nicer looking and much stronger.
This fruit lamp is an original design. Our daughter has one, two grand daughters each have one and the one shown here is in our own kitchen.

The blue Dragon Fly lamp I made for our grand son Bob Cortina and wife Kelly, newly married
February 2002.

This 22 inch Horn of Plenty Lamp is an original and hangs in our dinning room.

Next is a square lamp from a book of lamp designs. For accurate assembly of the panels, assembly fixtures must be made and used so parts will match exactly. Note the small panel on the lower left; it is the first thing I made from a library book to teach myself how. This lamp hangs in my computer room.